Frequently Asked Questions

Six (6) criteria that will help you choose a security company

  1. Ask about the Control Center and where it is situated. Then you can have a query on us, so we let you know how it really should be.
  2. Ask how many people are employed in the Control Center per shift and if the full 24 hours are covered.
  3. Ask if the personnel have been properly trained and if they hold a permit for the Center’s operation.
  4. Ask about the way that the patrol – direct intervention car communicates with the Control Center and whether there is GPRS monitoring.
  1. Ask each company what certifications they hold. 
  2. Make a request to even know the register number of the operation license and if the services are certified with ISO 9001. 
  1. Ask for their partner’s network.
  2. Ask for the big contracts they have undertaken.
  3. Ask for the number, the experience and the specialization of their employees.

A security company owes to tell you everything about:

  1. The number of vehicles they own.
  2. Their equipment, e.g: GPRS, vehicle panic button.
  3. The security personnel that operate them.
  4. How the notification – certification of patrols is happening.
  5. If they can offer you, in case of alarm, video verification in a closed circuit system (CCTV).
  6. How the notification – certification of direct intervention is happening.
  7. The method that the basis of the company uses to control patrol cars and their drivers.
  8. How a possible immobilization of a patrol – direct intervention car is handled.
  1. Make sure that you can have all your questions answered from the people in charge of a security systems company that can either be the safety consultant, the president or any senior executive.
  1. Ask to see previous models from previous alarm installations.
  2. Ask for the branding of the materials and the duration of their guarantee.
  3. You can also ask if the technicians are employed by the security company or they just cooperate with independent professionals.
  4. Ask as well, in which sectors have the company technicians been trained and what is the response time to technical issues.

We hope to have given you a direction to become more strict and demanding when it comes to your collaboration with a security company.


The basic elements of an alarm system are:


  1. The panel
  2. The keyboard
  3. The radar
  4. The outside and inside siren
  5. The photocells
  6. The traps
  7. The card reader
  8. The fire detection
  9. The wireless connection
  10. The control center


LIONS SECURITY company with headquarters in Alexandroupolis, stands by you and your beloved people, taking care of your safety 365 days per year.

The specialized staff, in addition to the state of the art equipment, guarantees your protection, eliminating every concern you have about criminality.

Particularly, we offer to you:

  1. We offer to you integrated security systems for your house and your business.
  2. We are on alert, 24 hours per day, for the security of your property. Within a few minutes from the time the alarm sets off, we will be at your property and we will face every possible danger on behalf of you.
  3. We specialize in the guarding of natural persons (person guarding), so that we can assure your safety and comfort to every step you take.
  4. We provide protection to your neighborhood in order to eliminate any potential sign of criminal activity from occurring. Furthermore, patrols with security cars of our fleet run the streets all night, enhancing the feeling of protection to the region.

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