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The electronic security systems in combination with the properly educated human resources are the nightmare of criminals, because they flee as soon as they acknowledge them. Don’t fall into the «what valuables do i own ?» trap. The criminals are unaware of the cash or valuable items you own, they just select unprotected targets.

The electronic security systems have been proven to be the best choice towards the battle against malicious acts. They have been used for many years over safety implementations of banks, embassies and high security organizations, with great results. Electronic security systems are also recommended by the web site of the Ministry of Citizen Protection.

The “smart” systems of LIONS SECURITY company, besides the security functions, can also detect possible fire and notify you for a potential power cut. You can also have a direct provision of help, with the help of a button!

The equipment can offer a very easy handling environment for elderly and children, with a capability of different user recognition. Furthermore, it is equipped with a full or partial loading of the alarms activation while people are present in the area and is fully self energy supplied for a possible power cut or a malicious action.

LIONS SECURITY alarm systems have the guarantee of the most reliable construction companies and provide a full coverage of protection in all areas. In particular, LIONS SECURITY offers:

Security Systems – Alarms – Cameras – Closed Circuits of Surveillance – Warning Signs – Motion Sensors – Smoke Sensors – Vibration Sensors – Magnetic Contacts – Access Control System – Image and Sound Recording devices – Telephone Centers – Conference and Audio Systems.

The innovative equipment of LIONS SECURITY company in Alexandroupolis, can detect any shape of danger, threat or direct necessity. Besides the sound signage, it will send a coded message to the Central Station of Signal Reception through your telephone line (GSM – GPRS). This Station operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, and it consists of special trained staff that verifies and initiates the “signals” of those subscribed to the service.

With the optional service «Direct Intervention» and after the signal authentication procedure, the patrol car of LIONS SECURITY arrives on the spot to protect your life and property. In case of a closed circuit monitoring system (CCTV) that is connected to the web, the Central Station of Image and Audio Reception is also possible.

For every solution that will be offered to you, mind the following:

⚬ Use of a high quality alarm system, adapted to your requirements

⚬ The retention of the system’s excellent function for life, as well as the replacement of the consumables and the naturally worn out components.

⚬ 24 hour surveillance of all events recorded to the system from the «Signal Recording Center», as well as acute action from the authority in charge or specific people selected by you.

⚬ Guaranteed installation from specialized personnel with minimum intervention to your space (with or without cables).

⚬ Quality control of installation to certify the high standards of safety that LIONS SECURITY guarantees.

⚬ Preventative and out of schedule maintenance to assure absolute reliability. The maintenance includes  a scheduled  equipment check, technical support 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, as well as an out of charge damage restoration (for equipment liability issues or normal wear from the subscribers use).

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