Diligence and confidentiality

The pursuit of protection is your necessity, its adaptation to the real world is our job!

LIONS SECURITY company, with headquarters in Alexandroupolis, offers integrated security services and is up-to-date with all technological advances in the security systems sector. As a result, LIONS SECURITY has the capability to study and install all the different types of electrical alarm systems of distant surveillance.

Initially, before each installation, the technical department carries out an autopsy to the location and engineers the proper security system that fits your expectations and needs.

Afterwards, and after your approval, the technical department proceeds to the systems deliberate placement, handing over to you the instruction manual.

Our objective is to create an unbeatable veil of protection, by using solely alarm systems that bear the stamp of the most reliable construction firms (BOSCH, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, TEXECOM) and fully support the need of protecting your space.

It is common sense that the more the safety methods get upgraded, the better the techniques of assault that try to surpass the existing mechanisms of monitoring become. In such a demanding and dynamic environment, the choice of a company that uses the most sophisticated protection methods is a one way street.

LIONS SECURITY monitors and deploys all the latest achievements of modern technology undertaking with punctuality and discretion the provision of the services below:

Safety Systems – Fire Detection – Surveillance – Water Safety Detection
Leading smart alarm system iTOS by G4S
Static guarding
Site protection through safety systems and methods of direct intervention
Twenty Four (24) hour Central Station Signal Recording, Alarm and Image G4S
Control Center Safety Services

In case of alert, the Control Center:

⚬ Mobilizes directly the patrol car of LIONS SECURITY and the security staff

⚬ Notifies the Police, the owners and every other person you have chosen to be notified

⚬ Calls an ambulance, in case medical help is required

⚬ Notifies the Fire Department, in case of a fire

⚬ Recognizes the occasion of a forced alarm deactivation under threat

For example, in case of a power cut, be sure that you will be notified so that potential damage to your property or the alarm system will be prevented.

Furthermore, the Control Center can take over after demand, during your holidays or absence, with absolute safety the following:

⚬ The safe keeping of your home keys.

⚬ Checking and communication in case of a phone line malfunction

⚬ 24 hour phone support, for immediate resolution of all kinds, e.g: change of passwords

⚬ Your notification, in case of flooding, fire or higher fridge temperatures.

Regarding the security services, the alarm system is connected to the Control Center, either through the telephone network, or through 3G, or through Internet.

In case you wish to change your telephone connection, upgrading to the ADSL line, the Control Center of LIONS SECURITY will cancel your old connection through the telephone line and will activate it again through the ADSL line. That means the following provisions for you:

⚬ Direct information of the signals that are being transmitted by the alarm system.

⚬ Direct problem solving through remote control.

⚬ Patrol car with a 24 hour staffing for direct intervention and patrols.

At this point, we have to mention that the staff of our company’s patrol car are adequately qualified and well equipped with state of the art technological means, whereas they are also equipped with satellite system location (GPRS), so they can be located at any time.


Service of Schedule Control

We daily inspect and notify you directly for violations of scheduled working hours, out of working hours staff entry, security systems delayed loading and more.

In specific, through a telephone call, we notify you on the following possibilities:

⚬ Delayed deactivation at the beginning of the working shift (in the morning).

⚬ Delayed activation (reminder) at the end of the working shift (at night).

⚬ Entry of authorized personnel to your business (security level) in out of working hours time (e.g: night, Saturday – Sunday, bank holidays).

⚬ Video verification. In case of alarm activation, the Center’s operator connects to the customer’s installed CCTV system and visually verifies the existence of a real case of violation.

⚬ Specialized support from a group of thirty – five (35) employees, with mint technical education and an appropriate working license that is required from our company (All of our guards have attended certified seminars for the certification from the Center for Security Studies (ΚΕ.ΜΕ.Α) and seminars for ISPS CODE).

⚬ Gear installation and education.

⚬ Guarding of solar photovoltaic systems.

⚬ Closed circuit safety system (cameras, monitors, recorders)

⚬ Guarding of natural persons

⚬ Escort of people with large amounts of cash

⚬ Crisis handling and management.

⚬ Escort of Very Important Person (V.I.P)

⚬ Music concerts – Festivals – Events – Sport events

⚬ Exhibitions – Conferences – Promo booths

⚬ Corporate events.

⚬ Houses – Shopping stores – Factories – School institutions – Sports centers – Nightclubs

⚬ Fully fledged implementation studies.

⚬ Quality equipment and technically intact technological solutions.

⚬ Solution configuration tailored to every customer’s needs.

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